The 150th Anniversary Banner comprised of individual fabric strips from our congregational members.
Immanuel Lutheran Church
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Located at the intersection of Church Road and Cottage Hill
Road, just 4 miles South of Compton, Illinois, Immanuel
Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America. Founded in 1864 by German and Dutch
farming immigrants to America, our church has experienced a
number of historical and structural changes, yet remains steadfast
in our faith. Throughout the years, 17 pastors and associates
have led the congregation, 7
active ministry groups serve
the community, and 4 diverse
youth groups engage our
children in spiritual, as well
as, communal activities. There
is something for everyone who
wants to participate in our
“Family Friendly Church.”
Connect to our web site, come
to our services, and join
in worship!

Join us for Holy Communion
every Sunday at 8:30 am.